Computer Networks

What is a Computer Network?

Simply put, a local area network (LAN) allows a group of stand-alone computers to be linked via cabling or wireless to share software programs and data allowing users to work from their computers simultaneously. Users connected to a LAN will also be able to share the following:

        Internet Access


        Client/Server Applications




Today, many companies use local area networks for all or some of the following reasons:

        Sharing Hardware

        Running Multi-user Software

        Sharing Data

        Internet Access

Modern networks are constantly evolving. The term "local", in Local Area Network, has become dated. Networks are far reaching through the use of the Internet creating a Virtual Private Network (VPN), thus they are no longer "local".

OutLANdish Networks can setup your computer network to be seamless to the end user in order to increase their productivity and efficiency. By managing your computer network, we allow your company to focus on its primary business. 

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