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OutLANdish Networks will research computer and related products that will benefit your company, and supply a detailed quote outlining the product / solution that is being offered.

Workstation Imaging

With the invention of imaging software, workstation downtime has become greatly reduced. Imaging software allows an "image" of a workstation to be setup and stored on CDs or other media. If the workstation hard drive fails, an IT person can simply replace the hard drive, install the image, make the few changes that are particular to the user and the workstation is returned to normal operation. Be advised,  this software is meant for applications only, data should be stored on a server or available from another type of media.

Weekly / Monthly Maintenance

OutLANdish Networks knows that your computer systems are an integrated part of your business and as such, require maintenance to keep them operating at peak efficiency. We acknowledge that each system has specific requirements and therefore customize our maintenance to those needs. With workstations we will perform such tasks as running disk cleanup, scandisk, and disk defragmenter. With Windows XP workstations we'll also check the status of the physical disks and examine the event viewer for any anomalies. Where servers are concerned, backup logs will be checked for status. Monitoring software for the UPS will be addressed for power loss and surges. We also make sure that antivirus definitions, operating systems, and applications are up-to-date.

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